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“Our government rests in public opinion.

Whoever can change public opinion can

change the government.”

– President Abraham Lincoln

Although these words were spoken more than 150 years ago, they perfectly capture why Midwest Communications and Media is in business:

MCM cuts through the noise to help excellent candidates demonstrate they are worthy of the public’s trust.

From its inception in 1982, MCM hasn’t been simply winning campaigns, we’ve been sustaining the Republic.


MCM has been helping candidates win since 1982. In the early days of broadcast political advertising, you could win a congressional race with a couple of thousand dollars. Now it takes a sophisticated media mix and a million-dollar budget. MCM has guided candidates to victory through the changing media landscape of the last three decades. We harness the power of the latest digital technology as well as traditional media. Our battle-tested experience is proven by our winning record.


MCM President Bob Clegg loves the excitement and competition of politics, and grew up learning the ropes in his native Ohio. He volunteered for campaigns as a kid, was a Reagan Youth Delegate in Detroit, and president of the College Republicans at University of Toledo. He worked at the Ohio House of Representatives with John Boehner and Jo Ann Davidson, before managing Bob Taft’s successful campaign for Ohio Secretary of State, and serving as Director of Operations for the Ohio State Senate Republican Caucus.

Bob’s passion for media and politics was formed by real campaign experience; before becoming MCM’s president, he was a client. With MCM, he saw firsthand the power of a deliberate media strategy executed with precision, and has been providing that same experience to our clients for 20 years.

Bob is not a consultant who loses touch with what really matters in politics. He remains grounded by continuing to serve as a precinct committeeman. When you hire MCM, you work directly with seasoned with seasoned campaign experts who have decades of experience, not recent policy science graduates on their first job.

Our Approach

Whether you’re a first-time candidate or a seasoned veteran, chances are we’ve still been through more campaigns than you. As a recognized leader in political media campaigns, MCM’s vast knowledge and proven expertise has made us one of the most sought-after political and business media firms in the country. We are prepared to beat whatever challenges your campaign is facing.


The state of Colorado has three media markets. The State of Texas has over 15, several of which are primarily Spanish-speaking audiences. MCM has the experience and techniques to track and manage all aspects of a media campaign, no matter the size or complexity of the market.


Make no mistake: money is the lifeblood of campaigns. However, factors like donor fatigue and hyper-partisanship have forced campaigns to become more creative and nimble with every dollar. In today’s sophisticated landscape, getting to 50+1 requires a nuanced media mix. MCM will find the best media outlet to get votes, not simply to spend every dollar in the war chest.


Every campaign is unique. People won’t do what you want them to do until they know why you want them to do it. More than encouraging a simple yes or no vote, some initiatives require education in order to shift public opinion. MCM creates the best messaging by working with you and our creative team. We know that starting early is the key to success when working on a large issue.


The same campaign has multiple audiences. Sometimes those audiences span not only gender and race, but also generations and media preferences. MCM’s deep knowledge of demographics and new media allow us to build campaigns that can reach everyone: men and women, black and white, teenagers, parents and even grandparents!

Our Services

Broadcast and Cable Every candidate is different, every campaign is different and every election year is different. Buying ad-time is both art and science, both technical and relational. With over 30 years in the business, MCM has the experience to craft and execute a unique ad buy that will have the biggest impact for you. We manage every detail from wire transfers, to video delivery, to monitoring rotations, and enforcing delivery. Online and Digital “The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” - Rupert Murdoch

While TV may still be king in many campaigns, there can be little doubt that its reign is coming to an end. Tomorrow’s campaigns will not be won with giant TV buys. Online and digital advertising channels are more nimble and targetable than their broadcast and direct-mail counterparts. Online channels offer the opportunity to target specific demographics with perfectly timed delivery to produce impactful results.
Strategy and Production Strategy is an over-used but misunderstood term in the world of campaign politics. MCM knows that real strategy means uncovering the best path to victory, then developing and executing a plan that follows the path. Once we know where we’re headed we enlist our vast network of experts in writing, film, sound production, digital content creation. This creative army produces video, digital and material campaign products that reflect your carefully honed strategy. You don’t need commercials; you need fully branded messaging that stays on point in every presentation. There are many “shiny objects” and easy distractions on the campaign trail. MCM ensures that our clients keep the main thing the main thing.

Our Clients

John Merrill for Secretary of State (AL)
Balderson for Congress (OH)
Westerman for Congress (AR)
Carfagna for State Rep (OH)
Santiago for State Rep (FL)
Frazier for State Rep (KY)
Randy Price for State Senate (AL)
Jay Mitchell for Supreme Court (AL)
Fuller for Judge (OH)
Barb Lewis for Delaware County Commissioner
Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee
Florida Republican Party
Responsible Ohio (Issue)
Pfizer Inc (IE)
1984 Society PAC (IE)
Ohio Coalition for Quality Education

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