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Bob Clegg


MCM President Bob Clegg loves the excitement and competition of politics, and grew up learning the ropes in his native Ohio. He volunteered for campaigns as a kid, was a Reagan Youth Delegate in Detroit, and president of the College Republicans at University of Toledo. He worked at the Ohio House of Representatives with John Boehner and Jo Ann Davidson, before managing Bob Taft’s successful campaign for Ohio Secretary of State, and serving as Director of Operations for the Ohio State Senate Republican Caucus.

Bob’s passion for media and politics was formed by real campaign experience; before becoming MCM’s president, he was a client. With MCM, he saw firsthand the power of a deliberate media strategy executed with precision, and has been providing that same experience to our clients for 20 years.

Bob is not some consultant who loses touch with what really matters in politics. He remains grounded by continuing to serve as a precinct committeeman. When you hire MCM, you work directly with seasoned with seasoned campaign experts who have decades of experience, not recent policy science graduates on their first job.

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